The Secret Behind TLM Color Changing Foundation & How It Can Match Your Skin Tone

Finding a liquid foundation that seamlessly blends with your natural skin tone is a never ending struggle. Although, there is no dearth of beauty brands that have a wide range of foundations to offer, but for most women, it’s a constant struggle to zero in on a foundation shade that they believe does full justice to their natural complexion. This is where the innovative “color changing foundation” comes to the rescue!

A color changing foundation offers nothing less than a magical solution for anyone who is fed up in finding the right foundation for their skin tone. But, what is the secret that makes this color changing foundation match one’s skin tone with so much ease? Let’s find out in this article!

How Does the Color Changing Technology Work?

A color changing liquid foundation is made with a unique self adjusting formula that allows the foundation to match your exact skin tone just by blending. The secret ingredient that makes this color changing technology a success is encapsulated colors.

A liquid foundation with encapsulated colors keeps the color pigment separated from its base moisturizing product, which is usually white and uncolored. What keeps these encapsulated pigments intact is a coating of gel or certain oil. The pigments only release their color once they are rubbed on your skin to blend with your natural skin tone. In order to get the color changing foundation match effect, it is required that you blend it properly in your skin and release all the color pigments to do their magic.

This color changing technology makes it possible for anyone to find a concealer that is custom made to match their skin shade by simple blending. One of the biggest benefits of using foundations like TLM Liquid Foundation is that the color changing technology blends well into your skin to match your tone.

Other than encapsulated pigment formulas, some color changing foundations are also made using the PH-reactive formula. What makes an encapsulated color formula different from a PH-reactive formula is that, the latter involves more chemicals in achieving an exact skin shade match.

The compounds found in a PH-reactive formula match your skin tone by reacting to your skin’s unique PH-level. As these ingredients come in contact with your skin, they tend to change color and blend in with your skin tone.

It is absolutely remarkable how this unique color changing technology has made it possible for women of all ages to find a universal foundation that not only matches their real skin tone, but also saves them a lot of time and effort. Color changing foundation is both convenient and effective in matching your skin tone. The color changing technology has changed the way consumers view pre-designed make up solutions.

So, if you are looking for a one in all make up solution that will flatter every skin tone in the form of one product, then you need not look any further than a foundation made with the color changing technology!

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