Best Beauty Tips for Blackheads

What is visible and irritating, and tends to pop out at the worst moment? Blackheads!

These little buggers may appear on the back, arms, or chest, but they usually choose the most noticeable place – the face, that too, on the nose. To get rid of blackheads, we first need to know what they are.

 Blackheads are a mixture of dead skin cells and oil. As they are exposed to air, they get oxidized, making them turn black – thus becoming ‘black’ heads. You could think of them as pimples, which rise to the skin’s surface.

Coming to the real question, how can we rid ourselves of blackheads? Here are a few tips for blackhead removal:

  • Face Masks

These have become a vital element of the skin care routine with their soothing and hydrating effects. To treat blackheads, a Charcoal Mask works exceptionally well. It helps flush out the oil and dirt from pores, resulting in cleaner, detoxified skin. In case you wish for another alternative, a worldwide favorite is the Clay Mask. The beauty of this mask lies in its softness on the skin – it feels relaxing to have it on. Whilst it’s cleansing properties allow for easy removal of oil and dirt from deep within the pores.

Get a mask off the counter, or make one for yourself – and say bye-bye to those blackheads.    

  • Pore Strips

If you know how a band-aid works, consider a pore strip as a band-aid for the nose. Lined with a strong adhesive, they remove the top layer of the skin they are levied on. What follows is removal of dead skin cells, oil, dirt, and the blackheads. A fairly easy way of blackhead treatment, with immediate results, this method works best if you steam your face first. This way, your pores are open, and thus allow for easy blackhead removal

  • Manual Extraction

Another method yielding immediate results is one undertaken by numerous beauty centers. This blackhead treatment requires steaming the face (very carefully!), and then extracting the blackheads manually. This may be done via a comedone extractor or comodone tapes, depending upon the individual’s preference, and the severity of the case. However, manual extraction is not bound to suit each skin type, thus other methods of blackhead removal are preferred.

  • Exfoliate

The cure to blackheads lies in a better skincare routine – which means enhanced exfoliation. To exfoliate, choose scrubs containing alpha and beta hydroxy acids (AHAs and BHAs). These are soluble, and help in cleaning out pores, thus treating blackheads. A Salyclic Acid Scrub works best in this regard, being BHA. However, do not use a scrub regularly, since overuse of products may also be detrimental to the skin.


Blackheads are a normal occurrence, but a longer stay for them is never preferred. Instead of allowing blackheads to develop, and then applying blackhead treatment, remember – prevention is better than cure.

Wondering how to prevent blackheads? These simple steps ought to do it:

  • Moisturize regularly.
  • Do not sleep with without removing your makeup.
  • Wash your face in case of increased sweat (e.g. post-workout).
  • Consume a better, balanced diet.
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